Personal Approach

Big_data   The moral from last Wednesday’s Renyi Hour is the “personal approach.” The main message which Alberto Barroso del Toro: Senior Manager Advanced Business Analytics, and Alan Fortuny Sicart: Senior Data Scientist, from Indra Business Conculting is:

“Cuando haces preguntas aleatorias obtienes respuestas aleatorias” ROBERTO RIGOBON Sloan University MIT.

English translation: “When you get random questions, you get random answers

So although we are dealing with big data which of course means enormous data quantity, variety, etc. the most important part is not to look at it just as random facts or digits. You need to understand the business, to get to know the field. Only then you can ask the “specific” question, seek for the “specific” answers and hopefully see how to optimize the process. To be successful researchers need not only the usual package of data analytics skills but also they should leave their comfortable chairs, “get dirty” and explore the business filed.