Meeting with Dr Lahiri


from the series Silicon Valley (2014)

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure to discuss with Dr Mayank Lahiri about large scale algorithms in tech companies and about the job situation in the Silicon Valley and in Europe.

Mayank is currently working in the startup IceRoad, which he founded. Prior to that, he worked at Google and Facebook. He received his PhD in 2011 from the University of Chicago, where he worked with Pr. Berger-Wolf on “Measuring and Mining Dynamic Networks”.

Dr Lahiri first told us about how data warehousing and analysis is done in big tech companies. He presented practical methods for large network analysis, knowledge graph representations, and methods that he finds most promising. Concerning this, at Google, Mayank was part of the team in charge of analyzing and improving the indexing mechanisms including Web graph and Pagerank ; and at Facebook, he built a system for analytics on Facebook Pages as well as various backend systems.

We then had a Q&A session about data science and startups in the Silicon Valley. We notably talked about Mayank’s background and about his work experience in tech companies. We also discussed about the challenges he faced while creating his startup, IceRoad. He presented his vision on entrepreneurship for data-oriented companies. In that regard, we asked him what he thinks successful tech companies will look like in a few years – a tough one actually! Finally, we learned about his ambitions with his current project.

Dr Lahiri was really eager to help us and encouraged us to look for job opportunities in the Silicon Valley. He confirmed that this is still where most of exciting data science innovations (and investments) are made. Some of the DS students might join him there!


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